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One Year Later...Jobs created Zero...

February 17, 2009

Gov. Nixon's statement on the Tuscumbia Bridge job-creation project
Moments before launching the first economic recovery project in the nation, Gov. Jay Nixon visits with workers at the Missouri Department of Transportation construction site on Route 17 at Tuscumbia, Mo. Gov. Nixon today kicked off construction on the Tuscumbia bridge project just minutes after President Barack Obama signed the federal economic recovery bill. Gov. Nixon is committed to using the resources Missouri receives under the federal recovery act to create jobs, enhance Missouri’s infrastructure and turn the state’s economy around.

TUSCUMBIA, Mo. -- Moments after President Barack Obama signed the federal economic recovery bill, Gov. Jay Nixon kicked off construction at the Route 17 Bridge over the Osage River in Tuscumbia. The Tuscumbia project is one of the first economic recovery initiatives in the nation and is a first step in Gov. Nixon's plan to use the stimulus dollars to create jobs and turn Missouri's economy around.

Gov. Nixon released the following statement regarding the project:

"During these difficult economic times, too many Missourians are out of work, and too many families are struggling to make ends meet. The federal recovery bill is a tremendous opportunity to jumpstart economic growth and create new jobs in Missouri. By investing in job training and education, enhancing our infrastructure and embracing science and technology, we will get Missourians back to work over the short run and forever transform our economy. This construction project at Tuscumbia is the first step in that process, and we look forward to beginning many additional projects in the weeks to come."

View Missouri Department of Transportation news release

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