Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011

January's weather has been "interesting" in Central Missouri.  Like the rest of the country, snow and bitterly cold temperatures.  Filling up the hay rake just wasn't getting the job done.  The critters went through a 1200# bale in less than a week.  We are thankful for the slight warm up today.  It was "0" driving to work yesterday.  Had to go the long way again as all of my back road route is snow and ice covered.  Oh well it's January..  Baby goats will be hitting the ground before we know it... First of April is just around the corner.. (Ha.. I keeping telling myself that!)

 Trance is making sure nothing "evil" has moved into her pastures.
Beka just wants a hug..

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  1. I like the 3rd pic of the dog looking at the woods. Good one.