Saturday, November 9, 2013

Great Pyrenees

I just realized I don't mention these ladies enough in this blog.  These girls are sisters born May 17, 2006.  I can't imagine a day at Black Rock without these ladies.  Here are a few shots of Trance and Beka growing up.  Pictures to follow of Jack and Annie our first Great Pyrenees.

 Jack is the adult in this picture.

 I left the husband home alone with the puppies for a weekend..this is what I found!  Teaching Beka some bad habits..

 Trance's first day out of confinement after a leg injury.

September 2006.. Check out those tails!

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  1. Pyreenees dogs are so cool and so big...Lady behind me has 2 of these kind of dogs and they are so friendly and loveable. When I go visit her on Thursdays for quilting get together I always bring her dogs a dog bone...They love me...:)
    Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)