Thursday, May 29, 2014

Enough Rain and Too Much Fertilizer??

Many Many years ago an old county gravel road ran through our property.  That old road bed is still very functional.  Goats are spending a lot of time in the wooded areas right now due to the tall, thick WET grass.

The kids and their mom's use line of sight to keep track of each other.  The line of sight isn't working very well this year so there is A LOT of calling to each other, which gets a little loud at times..  

Sadie and Missy (Born in February) are growing just like the grass..The goat in the back ground still hasn't had her babies... it has to be soon!

 The goats are really happy to have a path to meet on.

This wooded area is the "Buck Jail".  The boys will stay in here for another week or two.  We will move all the "ladies" to a different pasture and the guys will take over this one.

 The "Buck Jail" from a different angle.  This lot was so thick with Cedar trees you couldn't see through it.  Now it's almost park like.. ha.

I just love the fungi this time of the year.  Pretty sure we can't eat any of them..but fun to check them out.

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