Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Newest Boys Update

These guys are always together..You wouldn't believe the noise these little guys can make when they are separated and mad..
Mr. Black Tail showing off his stuff.

I will be glad when they are old enough to stay with the rest of the goats.  I have spent a lot of time combing the field looking for these guys in the evening or just before a storm..(which is everyday)  When baby goats bellies are full they like to roll up into a ball and go into a dead sleep.  Not even the noise of a 4-wheeler will wake them up.  I spend over an hour looking for them yesterday, almost ran over a fawn that was sound a sleep in the field.  When I finally found them, they weren't in the field at all, they were tucked up next to a big cedar tree root in the woods.  Gotta love those goats.

This is two of the three (triplets) in the tall grass...  I am sure glad husband made  all those paths for the little ones to stay on... ha.

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