Thursday, August 7, 2014


When you own a Great Pyr you learn about DOG HAIR.  These dogs get really messy looking this time of the year.  Our dogs are working dogs, they don't get daily grooming and more important, they don't want or like that much attention.  Our dogs will "put up" with their annual molting/grooming.  But they don't like it and there is a lot of grumbling and moving around on the days I attempt to clean them up.  Trance allowed me to start on her yesterday.

Trance says..."Really, you want a picture NOW"  Actually you can see by the color difference, her new mane is coming in on her neck and she has fresh hair growth on her face.

Wendy our 30 year old Fox Trotter has to get in on the action.  "There has to be some food somewhere".

I tried to make poor old Trance happy with a reward of an early meal and extra treats..  as you can see we have made some headway, but there is a long way to go.  She announced that she had had enough!  I'll try again another day.  Then on to Bekka..

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