Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Morning Walk

I can't believe how beautiful this week has been!  Cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons.  People are HAPPY!  My morning walk has certainly gotten to be scenic.  I am building my daily walks back up to 3 miles, this little bit of walking sure does give a person more energy..

The yard.

Love this view in the early morning sun

Here's where my walks begin.  Left turn..

Right turn.

Notice the fence is going almost straight down on the left.

Looks like somebody tried to miss the curve last night.

Guess who is back for more acorns!
This picture was taken though one of our picture windows that has a sun filtering film on it... really messes with the camera..


  1. My comment disappeared - try again...
    I love these autumn mornings but I miss the colors. The seasons change so slowly here, and we have no maples so the colors are pretty bland. But we're green all winter ;-)

    1. This is our favorite time of the year. We sometimes talk about moving a little more south, say Central Arkansas where they only get a little ice once in a while... just can't see selling our little piece of heaven...