Saturday, January 24, 2015

Puppy Talk

Old Goat and I have started the conversation about bringing home a new family member.  We have had Great Pyreanese dogs since 1997.   We lost our Beka last fall and Trance is showing signs of her age.  A younger dog would be a huge help to Trance and us.

So far we have talked about all the dogs shown below, we are thinking maybe a Pyr/Anatolian cross may be what we are looking for (shorter hair)... not sure yet.  We are open to suggestions on any of these breeds. 

 Anatolian Shepherd
 Pyrenean Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff


  1. As you know I'm rather fond of the Pyrenean Mastiff, myself - maybe crossed with a Landseer Newfie? or a Great Pyrenees. I've always believed one should not have a dog one has to bend over to pet.... And a puppy can do wonders for an older dog.

  2. Thanks Katie, your girls are beautiful!!! And so well groomed.. Our dogs will live out the the "critters" and the fur and matting is a huge issue in the warm humid early summers here in Missouri. Our first Pyr Jack didn't have any matting issues... everybody since has had the problem... Dogs see me coming with clippers they are not happy....