Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grandpa Ted

A few years ago my sister was going through some old photo albums and found these pictures.  Below are her memories of Grandpa Ted.

A few nights ago, after I had everything done for the evening, I decided to get my Grandfathers album out, and look at the pictures. This was his album from when he was a young man; before he married. Most of the dates on the pictures range from approximately 1915 to 1922. When I was young (grade school years), Grandpa would occasionally get his album out, and tell me about the pictures. I found it fascinating because each picture was like a story. Many years passed, & I'd forgot about the album, until I brought it home from Mom's house. That was a busy time, so I looked at it briefly, and then put it in a place that was safe so it wouldn't get damaged; until a few evenings ago. I knew Grandpa "broke" horses, and trained them, & people in S. Minnesota knew they got a good horse if it was one of "Ted's" horses. I noticed some horse pictures in the album that fascinated me, so I took them out of the album very carefully to see if there was any writing on the back. The back's of the pictures were filled with writing in Grandpa's hand-writing. I'll embed the picture, and after it I'll put Grandpa's statements.

I am mounting "Outlaw Dick". This horse is known all over these parts as very bad. He is standing very quietly, but he has cause to do so. My herder is nearly twisting his ear off, and besides he is blind-folded. This horse bucked so hard and quick that the photographer was unable to catch a picture of him in action. I finally broke him.

This is "Outlaw Dick" stampeding with me. I was unable to control him. I only had a halter and saddle on him. I finally stopped him by leaning forward and biting his ear which stopped him. This picture was just after he quit bucking.

The mare on which I am riding is named "Quail". This being the 4th time she was ever rode. I still have this animal, and would never part with her. she understands cow work to perfection, and is also a fine buggy animal.

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