Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finn Changes

Finn has been discovering new things about himself every day.  How to run, how to growl, how to bark... how to keep the mean mama goats away.... and today, how to talk back to me!!!  KIDS!

Remember this?

I took this today...Yes his room is a mess!

 There is a very mean mom standing just out of sight, that is the ONLY reason Finn is staying in his room.

Yes he is giving me the evil eye.

 How can you stay mad long, after all look at this face.
 This is what happens when he thinks you are going to leave him through this gate!


  1. It's been nine years since we have had a puppy, and of course each one is different. I have to be very careful how I correct Finn, I can see he could have a very aggressive nature if handled wrong.