Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bird Nest and Adapting

Wow, guess winter is really here.  This morning it was 18 degrees with a light refreshing breeze... ha.  We are still in much better shape than our friends West and North of us.  We do have a little bit of snow in the forecast for this weekend..we shall see what happens.

As I went up to the barn this morning to take care of the critters this little used nest caught my eye.  I don't usually stop and look at a "used" nest but this one looked a little different to me.  It is amazing how the animals and birds adapt to their surroundings.  I have no idea what type of bird built this next, I guess that really doesn't matter.  What I thought was interesting is the fact that they used all the resources available to them.  Small twigs, grasses, dog hair, horse hair and goat hair to build their nest.  My camera is not the greatest for close up pictures but you should get the idea.  The long black strands are from the horse, the long white hair is from the dog (s), and the shorter fine white hair is from the goats.  All this in one little bitty birds nest..

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