Friday, November 28, 2014

Memory Lane

November 25, 1972 was a great day... Old Goat and I were married.  42 years later we are still going strong.

This Thanksgiving I went into the big city of St. Louis to spend time with my mother and stepfather.  They both keep a VERY busy schedule between family, church and the Battle of the Bulge Veteran's group.

Anyway, we stopped by the church late Thursday afternoon to do some quick decorating for an up coming event.  Walking around the "Old" church brought back some very fond memories of the events of 42 years ago.

The church was established in December of 1912 and it still has the same "country church" feel.

This is where our marriage began... oh SO long ago..
It's been a 42 year honeymoon.... 

Church Information

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