Monday, May 25, 2015

Finn and Barn Lot Goats

When we brought Finn home we put our new "little" puppy in the barn lot with a few goats.  These goats ended up in the pen for several different reasons and now they have formed their own little herd...Today was the first day that this group went out into the fenced in wooded area to stretch out their legs.  Also, so I could watch Finn's reaction to being loose with "his" goats.  It wasn't too bad.....Finn did get worked up and did some chasing of the babies and some ear nipping to the mom's.

Finn with the partially blind "Pinky" goat.  These two have become best friends, Pinky and her baby put up with a lot of stuff from Finn.

Sticks are the most important part of this puppy's world! 

At one time this wooded area was so thick with cedars you couldn't walk through it.  Goats killed all of the smaller trees and it's turning into a park (Ha...) No bull dozing done..

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