Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Finn and More Rain!

We are SO glad that Finn's first trip to the vet's office was yesterday!  He now has all of his puppy shots and his rabies shot.  This was his second trip in the car, and he was not happy about leaving his safe barn yard.  Lots of crying and howling again.  Thank goodness the office was ready for him.  Once in the office and the weighing part was done (45# at 15 weeks) he became the biggest flirt ever.  Our vet is a very nice young women, she was so good with him, he didn't know that she gave him the shots or shoved a couple pills down his throat.

It started raining very early this morning, rain or no rain Finn REALLY needed to get out and run and play..good thing he's not afraid of getting dirty.

Any time there is soft dirt available Finn must dig!

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